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Website outgrowing your Web Hosting package?

Did your website go down on the biggest sales day of the year?

With over two decades web hosting experience we understand what it means when you have high depends and we have you covered.

At Hostingbloc we have an exclusive line of cloud powered VPS Hosting packages (Virtual Private Servers) that give you full control over your hosting environment.

With full root access and dedicated resources, you can configure your VPS to meet the exact needs of your business.

Not a techie?

Don’t want to hire an expensive server administrator?

Nervous about running your own server?

Take a deep breath.

Our Hostingbloc Support team handles all the technical work for you offering complete server management.

With our high speed cloud platform you can easily get started on one VPS Hosting package and scale resources on demand as your business continues to grow.


VPS Hosting Plans For Every Need

Dev Tool Kit

  • FREE Auto & SSL
  • 1 Click WordPress/App Installer
  • 1 Click WordPress/App Staging
  • Auto WordPress Updates
  • Ruby On Rails/Python
  • MariaDB

Server Essentials

  • Cent OS 7 Installed
  • Apache Web Server
  • Multiple PHP Selector
  • Offsite Backup Available
  • CSF Firewall
  • Full Root Access

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Through softaculous in your cPanel, hundreads of app can be installed in quick hand. Enjoy your website when you install any of the apps. If you have any question, please click HERE






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What Makes HostingBloc Web Hosting Different?


Unlike many of the “big hosting” brands out there, we have built our entire web hosting platform using top of the line hardware and software. We also don’t use traditional old school dedicated servers, rather our entire infrastructure is built in the cloud giving us the ability to scale resources on demand.

  • 100% True Cloud Web Hosting – All of the hosting packages offered at HostingBloc are deployed instantly on our private cloud. We don’t use dedicated servers that operate on single pieces of hardware. Our entire infrastructure is built to be reliable, secure, and scalable.
  • 99.9% Uptime – Since our infrastructure was built in the cloud, with top of the line hardware and software components, we’re able to offer 99.9% uptime. We don’t just say this in our marketing, we publish our uptime reports each year and have also had our services tested by various third-parties to back this up. We hate downtime and understand how much it costs our customers.
  • SSD Web Hosting – Our private cloud has been built using Solid State Drives protected by Raid 10. Solid state drives don’t have any moving parts and they use flash memory to store data, which provides much better performance and reliability over an HDD. RAID 10, also known as RAID 1+0, combines disk mirroring and disk striping to protect data.
  • LiteSpeed Web Hosting – LiteSpeed web server is a high-performance Apache drop-in replacement. LSWS is the 4th most popular web server on the internet and the #1 commercial web server. Performance up to 9x faster than Apache with a small memory footprint and increased scalability.
  • MariaDB – MariaDB is a drop-in replacement for MySQL meaning it follows the same schemas and structure therefore is compatible with your current scripts/software that require mySQL. The difference is faster and safer data replication.

VPS Hosting Features You Need

We’re not going to provide a high speed cloud VPS Hosting infrastructure with only the bare-bone essentials. We want you to have all the tools and software you need to get up and running immediately. We realize when you have high demands, you want to be up and running in hours not days:

  • Free InterWorx Control Panel – Don’t want to have to manually configure your website and server? All of our VPS Hosting packages include a 100% free InterWorx license allowing you to place your server on auto pilot having instant unlimited account provisioning. Perfect for other familiar basic Web Hosting package.
  • Free SSL (https) – All domains and sub-domains hosted on our VPS Hosting accounts come with free and automatic SSL (https) powered by Let’s Encrypt. Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority (CA), run for the public’s benefit. It is a service provided by the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG).
  • Nightly Offsite Server Backups – Our VPS Hosting packages have the ability to automatically backup your entire server nightly and store the data in an offsite location. If you ever need to recover from a disaster you can restore the server to a previous state right inside of your interface.
  • Free Incoming Bandwidth – Only pay for your outgoing bandwidth! All incoming bandwidth to your VPS Hosting package is provided at no additional cost. This will save you hundreds of dollars yearly from many of our competitors.

Benefits Of Cloud VPS Hosting

Unlike Shared Web hosting, VPS Hosting gives you full control over the amount of resources your website or application can use.

You also have complete root access allowing you to make very specific configuration changes all the way up to the operating system. This gives you the flexibility to operate your server to meet your exact needs. Given all of our VPS hosting packages are in the cloud you also have the ability to increase your resources as you grow.

Some of our customers will deploy our Ultra VPS 2GB Hosting package in order to configure their server and get their app running only to upgrade it to our Ultra 4GB VPS once they’re ready for live traffic.

This allows you to test the full functionality of your website or application without having to perform a migration later on. This also gives startups with limited budgets to have the flexibility they need without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars.

One of the key factors in developing Hostingbloc was to make this type of technology available to everyone regardless of their budget.

VPS Hosting Options

Along from our standard configurations, we also give you the option to configure your server for your exact need.

  • 100% White Labeled – You have the option to define the exact hostname of your server.
  • LiteSpeed Ready – All of our VPS hosting packages come standard with the Apache web server, but if you want to add the LiteSpeed Web Server, our team will complete the entire setup for you.
  • Cloudflare Ready – Many of our customers find a lot of value in using Cloudflare to help protect their website from malicious attacks and help accelerate their page delivery. Our team can install the Cloudflare cPanel plugin for you and will also provide access to their Railgun.
  • Malware Scanning – If you’d like to have an automatic Malware scanner installed on your VPS hosting package, our team will handle the entire setup and configuration.
  • Dedicated IPs – All of our VPS hosting packages come standard with a complimentary dedicated IP addresses. If you need more, you can define these during your initial server configuration or request them from our sales team at anytime.


If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please get in touch with us via email, live chat or phone call

What is the difference with VPS Hosting?
👉VPS stands for Virtual Private Server meaning that the entire file system of the machine is dedicated to you. Unlike our basic web hosting packages, all of the disk space, RAM, virtual CPU cores, etc. will be dedicated for your use.
Why should I purchase a VPS?
👉Most of our customers upgrade from our basic web hosting to a VPS once their website or customer base outgrows their package. If your website begins using up too much of your allocated virtual or physical memory, our technicians will often recommend upgrading to a VPS to allow all of your traffic to be able to access the website.
What is my host name for my VPS?
👉The host name of your VPS is completely customized to you. When you deploy the server you will be asked to assign the host name. Most customers use subdomains such as server1.companyname.com or alpha.companyname.com. Your name servers will often share the same domain as your host name meaning they would be ns1.companyname.com and ns2.companyname.com.
What is VPS hosting?
👉A virtual private server (VPS) is a virtual machine that runs its own copy of an operating system, and customers may have superuser-level access to that operating system instance, so they can install almost any software that runs on that OS.

For many purposes they are functionally equivalent to a dedicated physical server, and being software-defined, are able to be much more easily created and configured.

They are priced much lower than an equivalent physical server, but as they share the underlying physical hardware with other VPSs, performance may be lower, and may depend on the workload of other instances on the same hardware node.

What does Managed VPS Hosting mean?
👉All of our VPS hosting packages are managed meaning we install, secure, and keep updated the core software. This includes the operating system, CentOS 7, the control panel, Web Host Manager with cPanel, and your database engine, MySQL or MariaDB. We also have a 24/7/365 monitoring team that is on standby to bring your server back online incase of a failure.
Am I allowed to host adult content on my VPS?
👉No, Hostingbloc has a very strict, zero tolerance adult hosting policy. We do not allow any content that could be considered adult or R rated.
How many IP addresses can I have on my VPS?
👉All of our VPS hosting packages come with 2 dedicated IP addresses for your private name servers. If you need more, you can purchase them. However, our anti-SPAM and abuse team will have to approve any request greater than 3 IPs. Please note SEO is not a valid reason for additional IPs.
What happens if I use all my disk space?
👉You will begin to experience many errors across your VPS if you use up all the disk space. All of our VPS hosting packages allow you to instantly upgrade from inside our interface. If you’re on our largest solution, our techs will work with you on an additional solution to manage all of your files.
Do you offer nightly backups?
👉Yes. During the sign-up process you’ll be able to order nightly backups for your server. We will automatically back up everything once a day and you’ll be able to restore from them inside our control panel at anytime.
How many websites can I host on my VPS?
👉You can host as many as your resources will handle! From our experience, 50,000 daily unique visitors on WordPress won’t cross a 2.5 load with 32GB of RAM.
Hostingbloc's cloud VPS hosting?
👉Unlike traditional VPS hosting infrastructures, Hostingbloc is built on top of our high-speed cloud allowing additional resources (CPU, RAM) to be added in real time upon request.

The cloud also adds additional redundancy to our VPS hosting as resources are pooled together from multiple pieces of hardware vs. one single dedicated server. We also do not use traditional hard drives but rather solid-state drives (SSD) that don’t have moving parts and offer much better performance.

Each one of our VPS instances comes with 10,000GB (5TB) of monthly bandwidth. All inbound bandwidth is free hence the 10TB is only outbound bandwidth.

VPS Hosting for WordPress
👉All of our virtual private servers have been designed especially for high traffic WordPress websites. We understand the needs of our customers with large audiences and have developed accordingly by integrating with Softaculous to allow for one-click installations and free and automatic SSL certificates.

For an additional software-licensing fee, we can also add automated nightly Malware scanning and removal to your VPS for added security especially with WordPress themes and plugins.

Which web hosting is right for me?

👉It basically works like this: if you intend to conduct eCommerce on your website, accepting credit cards and selling goods or services, then you need the Business plan. If you don’t need eCommerce functionality, but do intend to host more than one domain, then the Maxi Plus plan should be perfect for you. If your intention is to host a single domain without eCommerce, then the Maxi plan should meet your needs. It’s really just those 3 factors that determine the best plan for you

How to quickly deploy VPS Hosting

👉How To Deploy VPS Hosting

  • Click above to Deploy your instance
    Select configuration options and complete payment
  • Access server control panel
    Login to NodeWorx
  • Assign IP addresses and register your name servers
  • Register your name servers with your domain registrar
  • Create your first SiteWorx account
  • Point your DNS
  • Enjoy high speed VPS hosting!


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