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What we offer.

We provide an affordable, reliable, secure and scalable web hosting environment that allows you to take your business to the next level. Either you are about to start your first website or an e-commerce business needing to serve hundreds of orders a day, we have a web hosting solution perfect for you!


Mini Cloud

₦450 /month

Ideal for beginner/personal websites

  • FREE Domain

    Free Domain registration or transfer applies to packages paid for only the first year with only the following extensions: .com, .org, .net

  • US Data Centre
  • 5GB SSD Raid 10 Storage
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 100GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • Hosting For 1 website
  • 1 Email Account
  • FREE & Auto SSL
  • Hostingbloc ProX*
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Maxi Cloud

₦850 /month

Best for average websites

  • FREE Domain

    Free Domain registration or transfer applies to packages paid for only the first year with only the following extensions: .com, .org, .net

  • US Data Centre
  • 10GB SSD Raid 10 Storage
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 100GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • Hosting For 1 website
  • 5 Email Accounts
  • FREE & Auto SSL
  • Hostingbloc ProX*
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Maxi-Plus Cloud

₦1,150 /month

Most popular package

  • FREE Domain

    Free Domain registration or transfer applies to packages paid for only the first year with only the following extensions: .com, .org, .net

  • US Data Centre
  • 25GB SSD Raid 10 Storage
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth
  • Hosting For 10 websites
  • 25 Email Accounts
  • FREE & Auto SSL
  • Hostingbloc ProX*
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All Our Hosting Plan Inclusive

Affordable Power

Blazing fast premium cloud web hosting that’s easily scalable and affordable.

Complete Control

Easily build and manage your website to fit your specific needs in a ‘guru free’ control panel.

Ultimate Security

Protect your reputation, business, and brand with our unique Security Shield included free.

Supreme Reliability

Sleep sound knowing your website is online around the clock with real Superheroes monitoring 24x7x365.

Migrate Your Website For Free

Switching to a new web host can be stressful especially if you’ve been with them for many years. We take the pain out of moving by providing complimentary website migrations by our Hostingbloc Technical Force team. Our quality assurance team ensures successful transfers in just a couple hours!

Easy And Quick Set Up

Setup your website on our high-speed private cloud in no time and fast without any previous or technical knowledge required. Manage all of your content, emails, and domains right inside of our platform. Build dynamic online stores secured by free and automatic SSL that rank higher in search engines!

Your Website 20x Faster

A slow website is ultimately frustrating and could be adversely affecting your search engine results and reputation. We’re committed to delivering ultra fast load times for websites of all sizes. Usually people don’t like to visit a slow website anymore. However, how would you describe that experience of the last and slow website you visited?

Ultimate Reliability

We believe every website, regardless of size, is entitled to 99.9% uptime and we’ve been providing it for a simple and affordable rate. It’s of no use and unproductive when people can’t reach your website. Downtime not only costs you lost revenue but can also diminish your reputation and hurt your brand.

A Profound Security Shield

By using our cutting-edge Security Shield, we make best use of machine-learning technology to proactively protect your unique website from threats and malware. From real-time malware scanning to auto application patching, we always cover you up.

Supreme Support That’s Online Always

Hostingbloc expert team of support are always standing by 24x7x365 ready to help you answer your questions. We can have the best hardware and software in the world, however, we make sure customers enjoy an awesome experience with our team of experts ready to help.

Your Online Journey Starts Here Today With A Perfect Domain

Affordable Cloud Power That's Easily Scalable

You deserve your website to be fast regardless the size or number of visitors you receive. Fast websites rank higher in search engines, generate more leads, and make more money. Our private cloud utilizes state of the art technology to make this possible with affordable power and supreme reliability. Rather you’re building your first website or are already established, we have a solution that’s affordable and scalable. Best of all, it’s easy!

Cloud Web Hosting

The perfect solution for most websites. Finally tap into the power, reliability, and security your website deserves at an affordable rate. Using cloud virtualization, your website has its own file system with specific resources allocated.

Wordpress Hosting

We provide the power and security for a successful WordPress website while still giving you complete control to develop your website specific to your business that’s easy and affordable.

Managed Cloud

Established websites with large audiences or requiring specific modifications needing root access, our Managed Cloud Instances give you complete flexibility. Customize everything to your specific needs with scalability to add resources on demand.


What Customers Are Saying About Hostingbloc

The support team is the best… I have a WordPress plan and I am very happy with Hostingbloc services. Thanks very much…

12, Aug 2017

Johnson Ade

C.E.O | Founder, PagedMe

I cannot tell you how much happy I am. I’m totally blown away by the designs of my website. The first website I had was really out of standard, until I met the website designer team of HostingBloc. Great community, great support, and lots of creative ideas. Thanks!
Fido Cleff

Gospel Artiste,

“Minimalism, cleanliness, speed, and quality are the basic requirements that I look for in web designers, and Hostingbloc team flawlessly coped with tasks, they have incredible patience in refining the nuances and adjusting to the customer and looking for the best solution to fulfill my desires. I’m glad to have the opportunity to work with them!”

Yomi Owope


Hostingbloc is amazing! I use them as my website hosting company. The team is outstanding and big ups to them. Would definitely recommend using and will continue to be a client.
Eko Clement


“The price is very reasonable and support is more that i can describe with words. Hostingbloc is truly a good company. My website was launched within 7days.
Keep up the good works.…


C.E.O, PhysiqApparel


Here you will learn everything on how to build your own professional website. HostingBloc’s drag and drop website builder is designed to be easy, eCommerce-friendly, and perfect for your new business.

Quickly, easily build and grow a website you can be proud of with Hostingbloc Builder. Rather you’re building your first website or looking to re-design your current one.
Need A Website Built From Scratch?



In basic terms, web hosting is where your website actually lives. Or to get slightly more fancy about it: a website is a collection of files that exist on a server connected to the internet and accessible to be viewed via a web browser. When someone visits the given domain, these website files are displayed within the web browser as the actual website. When you combine the website files with the hosting server and a properly-pointed domain, you have all the ingredients necessary for a website to be visible online. And that, in a nutshell, is web hosting.


Shared web hosting is simply when one server hosts multiple customers. This is the most common and cost effective option for web hosting, and something we excel at truth be told. Our shared web hosting servers are configured for maximum security and performance relative to the number of customers, and types of websites, being hosted. In other words, there’s no need to give any thought to the other websites on the same server as you; we’ve got all that handled.


The primary difference between shared vs. cloud hosting is that on cloud hosting the website files actually exist on multiple servers, these servers themselves are also shared so it’s kinda-sorta like having multiple, duplicate shared hosting accounts. The reason is that with shared hosting if the one server goes down, the websites become unavailable, but with cloud hosting if one server goes down then the other cloud servers ensure that the websites remain available online.


It basically works like this: if you intend to conduct eCommerce on your website, accepting credit cards and selling goods or services, then you need the Business plan. If you don’t need eCommerce functionality, but do intend to host more than one domain, then the Maxi Plus plan should be perfect for you. If your intention is to host a single domain without eCommerce, then the Maxi plan should meet your needs. It’s really just those 3 factors that determine the best plan for you


In order to have a website live on the internet, you will need both web hosting and a domain name. Both of these things can (and do) exist independent of each other, though it is generally considered universal to employ both in order to have an actual website. Metaphorically, let’s say you want to invite people to a party (your website). Your party is at a location, such as your house or apartment (web hosting). In order for people to know how to get to the specific location, you must provide them with an address (domain name). So, web hosting is the actual server space where your website files live, and a domain name is the address visitors need in order to view these files as your website. You can have a domain without a website, and you can have a website without a domain name, but to truly benefit from having either in the traditional sense, you actually need both working together

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